How Do I Claim a Serum City Pass?

Everything you need to know about accessing your Serum City Pass

What's a Serum City Pass?

A Serum City pass is an on-chain access key to Serum City, an upcoming game based on the lore of the Mutant Cartel. Serum City was created by game studio Faraway and Mutant Cartel founders Novel Labs. You need to own a Serum City Pass in order to play the game, and your Serum City pass stores all of your game account information.

There are 3 types of Serum City Passes that can be unlocked depending on the type of NFT that you claim the Pass with:

  • Mutant Hounds holders: Hound Castle

  • Mutant Cartel Oath holders: Oath HQ

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Otherside Kodas, Bored Ape Kennel Club, HV-MTL, Meebits, and 10KTF G Tag holders: Ape Club House

Each pass type produces different transmutation artifacts in game:

  • Hound Castle produces Jewelry

  • Oath HQ produces Weapons

  • Ape Club House produces Armor

These transmutation artifacts (also referred to as Gear) can be minted and burned in game to increase players' positions on the Collection Burn Leaderboard and Item Burn Leaderboard.

When can I mint my Serum City Pass?

Pass Claim will launch on Tuesday, January 30th at 10am EST.

On January 30th at 10am EST, only holders of Mutant Cartel Oaths will be able to mint their passes.

Starting on January 31st at 10am EST, holders of Mutant Hounds will be able to mint their passes.

Finally, on February 1st at 10am EST, holders of BAYC and MAYC will be able to mint their passes.

Pass Claim will stay open indefinitely.

Where can I mint my Serum City Pass?

The link for Pass Claim will be shared out on Tuesday, January 30 at 10am EST.

Be sure to follow Serum City, Faraway, Novel Labs, Mutant Hounds, and Mutant Cartel on Twitter, where the link will be shared!

Who can claim a Serum City Pass?

Serum City passes can be claimed by holders of one or more NFTs from the following collections:

  • Bored Ape Kennel Club

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club

  • HV-MTL

  • Meebits

  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club

  • Mutant Cartel Oath

  • Mutant Hounds

  • Otherside Kodas

  • 10KTF G Tags

You will receive one pass per eligible NFT that you own.

How much does a Serum City Pass cost?

Serum City Passes are free to mint, however, gas fees will still apply.

Can I trade my Serum City Pass?

You can. Check out the official secondary market for Serum City Passes in the Faraway Shop.

Serum City Passes can only be purchased in the Faraway Shop. While Passes can be listed on other marketplaces, they cannot be purchased on those marketplaces due to restrictions we have implemented for the tokens.

Note that you will not be able to access your account if you no longer possess your Serum City Pass, and if someone else owns your Serum City Pass, they will then own the account associated with that pass.

How do I list my Serum City Pass in the Faraway Shop?

To list your Serum City Pass, log in into the Faraway Shop and click on your avatar in the upper right corner, then click Manage Portfolio.

This will bring you to your Inventory page, where you'll see all NFTs that have existing collections in the Faraway Shop. If you have minted your Serum City Pass to any wallet that's connected to your Faraway account, you'll see it on the Inventory page.

To list a Serum City Pass for sale, click on the three dots in the item box, then hit List for Sale. On the Listing page, you'll be able to set a price and listing expiration date and time. You can then complete the listing.

You can delist your item at any time using the three dots in the listed item box.

What information is stored on my Serum City Pass?

All information related to your game account is stored on your Serum City Pass. This includes all game items, off-chain game currencies, player level, and more.

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