Slot Machine

The Slot Machine is a new mechanic, introduced in Season 2 of Serum City. Through the Slot Machine, the player can win special prizes that will help them progress in the game. The Slot Machine is found in the Washing Room.

How It Works

Players use energy to pay for Slot Machine spins. Energy can be harvested from Crystals on the map, generated at the Energy Station, or earned from completing orders at Pirate Radio Station or Ape Railways.

There are many different prizes that can be won from the Slot Machine, and different combinations result in different prizes. Prizes include:

  • Doubloons

  • Soul Gems

  • Explosives

  • Cartel Chips (used at the Pawnbroker to buy items)

  • Cigarettes (used at the Clink to pay Franken Bombay to attack enemies)

  • Transmutation Ingredients for the Capsule of Kaos

  • Construction Materials

  • Territory Expansion Materials

  • Raw Items


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