What Buildings Can I Unlock in Serum City?

A full inventory of each building and item in Serum City

Buildings are the lifeblood of your Serum City District. There are many different types of buildings that can be accessed in the game, like:

​HQs: HQs in Serum City determine the type of mintable Gear that can be produced on your District. HQs are free to claim by holders of BAYC, MAYC, Mutant Hounds, and Mutant Cartel Oath.​

Houses: Houses increase the Population of your District. Growing your Population is required to unlock certain buildings.

​Community Buildings: Community Buildings increase the Population Maximum of your District.

​Factories: Factories are where you acquire or manufacture various game items.

​Special Buildings: Special Buildings have more complex roles than Factories, and vary in function. Some examples include Ape Railways, Secret Port, Expedition Guild, and more.

​The Capsule of Kaos: The Capsule of Kaos is where you transmute items with the goal of discovering recipes of transmutation artifacts. Discovered recipes are logged in the Diary. All items produced in the Capsule of Kaos are mintable and can be burned to increase your position on the Leaderboards.

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