How are Blockchain and NFTs Used in Serum City

Notes about the web3 technology powering Serum City

Serum City Passes

In order to access Serum City, players need to own a Serum City Pass. This pass can be minted by holders of BAYC, MAYC, Mutant Hounds and Mutant Cartel Oaths for free.

The Serum City Pass is an NFT that stores the player's account information. If the pass is sent to another wallet, the new holder will be able to log into Serum City and access the previous owner's game stats.

Mutant Hound Boost

Holders of Mutant Hounds have a special benefit in Serum City. Holders can equip their Hounds in game to speed up item production time in various factories. They can also be equipped in the Hound Yard to passively produce items. Hounds are equipped to buildings off-chain; There is no on-chain staking of Hounds.

The Capsule of Kaos

One of the main goals for players in Season 1 is to discover transmutation recipes in the Capsule of Kaos and achieve the highest score from burning these items.

As a reminder, the HQ type owned by a player determines the type of transmutation recipes they can discover. On the Hound Castle pass, players can discover Jewelry recipes, Armor recipes on the Ape Clubhouse pass, and Weapon recipes on the Oath HQ pass.

Once an item has been successfully transmuted in the Capsule of Kaos, the player can choose to mint it. Once minted, players can choose to burn the item in exchange for Burn Points.

The more Capsule of Kaos items are burned by a player, the higher their position on the Collection Burn Leaderboard and on the Item Burn Leaderboard.

Weapons, Jewelry, and Armor can also be purchased in the Faraway Shop.

Using ApeCoin

The Shop allows players to use on-chain currencies, like ApeCoin, to purchase game items and currencies.

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