Turf Wars

Season 2 will introduce a light PvP mechanic where players can target other players' bases and attack them to disable their manufacturing buildings.

Franken Bombay is the king of the Clink. You can pay him to launch attacks on your foes... for a price: a pack of Cigarettes.

You can get Cigarettes from the Slot Machine in the Washing Room. The Slot Machine is powered by Energy, which is harvested from Crystals in your district. You can also get Energy from the Energy Station and from filling orders at Pirate Radio and Ape Railways.

(The Slot Machine also gives out other prizes and Cartel Chips, which can be used at the Pawnbroker to purchase rare items)

Once you have your Cigarettes, head over to the Clink.

Franken Bombay will accept your payment in Cigarettes, and will then select 3 potential opponents for you to attack. These opponents will have different difficulties, and defeating stronger opponents will have higher value rewards than defeating less strong opponents.

Once you choose your opponent, you can select a building on the map to attack.

Then, you'll roll the dice. Your base score is the sum of both dice. That number is multiplied by the Level Multiplier, which is determined by your player level in Serum City.

The enemy's defense multiplier is then applied, and whoever has the highest number at the end wins the attack.

You win Teeth as Trophies when you beat an opponent. When you lose against an enemy, you lose Teeth. The amount of Teeth you have determines your place on the Turf Wars Leaderboard.


All Cartel Bosses need Security. You can hire Security Guards from Franken Bombay at the Clink. Security Guard add a layer of protection to your buildings when they're attacked by enemies.

Security Guards are paid for with Cigarettes.

Whoever loses the attack has their attacked building disabled until it is rebuilt. When a building is disabled, the owner can't retrieve any of the items that it has produced. Buildings will fix themselves over time, or players can pay Doubloons to speed up the process.

You can keep track of your Turf Wars log in your inbox. You’ll receive a message if anyone attacks you, and you can see how many Teeth you gained or lost during the various battles. You can also opt to take Revenge on a player who attacks you, which will launch another Turf Wars attack on that specific player.

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